Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Hobby

Stamp collecting is my hobby. It is an Interesting and useful hobby. I have hundreds of stamps in my stamp album.

They are very beautiful ones from all world countries. I have stamps from England, America, Canada, India, Japan, China and India.

There are stamps of many shapes and sizes. They have pictures of flowers, birds and animals. Some have pictures of great leaders of the world. The pictures of cars, planes ships and spaceships are very interesting.
I have pasted them on different pages on my album. I write short notes below each of the stamps. Each stamp has a story behind it. These stamps help us to increase our general knowledge.

 When I have more than one stamps of the same kind I exchange them with friends for stamps which I do not have. I would like to collect a thousand stamps and participate in “best collection competition” in my school one day.


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