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Silent Letter

Silent Letter
Silent letters are letters that you can't hear when you say the word, but that are there when you write the word.

The letter in bracket is not pronounced so that these are called as silent letters.
b: clim(b), com(b), plum(b)er, thum(b), tom(b), num(b), su(b)tle, dou(b)t, de(b)t, crum(b),
c: mis(c)ellaneous , mus(c)le , obs(c)ene , resus(c)itate , s(c)enario , s(c)ene , s(c)ent , s(c)issors, cons(c)ious
ch: ya(ch)t
d: han(d)kerchief, san(d)wich, We(d)nesday, han(d)some, e(d)ge, bri(d)ge, a(d)jective
e: ev(e)ry, ev(e)ning, diff(e)rent, sev(e)ral, inter(e)sting, veg(e)table, lit(e)rature, temp(e)rature
g: si(g)n, forei(g)n, champa(g)ne, desi(g)n, (g)nome, (g)nat , (g)naw , (g)nome , (g)nu , rei(g)n , resi(g)n
gh: hi(gh), ri(gh)t, ni(gh)t, mi(gh)t, si(gh)t, bou(gh)t, thou(gh)t, cau(gh)t, ou(gh)t, dau(gh)ter, wei(gh), nei(gh)bour, strai(gh)t, fi(gh)t, dou(gh)
h: (h)onest, (h)our, (h)onour, (h)eir, g(h)ost, w(h)at, w(h)ether, sc(h)eme , sc(h)ool , stomac(h) , tec(h)nical , tec(h)nique ,tec(h)nology, c(h)emical, c(h)lorine , c(h)oir , c(h)olera , c(h)ord , c(h)orus , C(h)ristian , C(h)ristmas , c(h)rome , ec(h)o
k: (k)nife, (k)now, (k)nock, (k)not, (k)nee, (k)nuckle, (k)nickers, (k)knowledge, (k)night, (k)napsack, (k)neel, (k)nit , (k)nob , (k)nock
l: sa(l)mon, ca(l)m, wou(l)d, cou(l)d, shou(l)d, wa(l)k, ha(l)f, pa(l)m, cha(l)k
m: (m)nemonic
n: autum(n), dam(n), hym(n), gover(n)ment , colum(n) , condem(n) , dam(n) , hym(n) , solem(n)
p: cu(p)board, (p)sychiatry, (p)sychology, cou(p), (p)neumonia, (p)neumatic, recei(p)t
s: i(s)land, i(s)les, ai(s)le
t: lis(t)en, fas(t)en, of(t)en, whis(t)le, cas(t)le, Chris(t)mas, sof(t)en, mor(t)gage, apos(t)le
bris(t)le ,bus(t)le , cas(t)le ,fas(t)en, hus(t)le , nes(t)le ,rus(t)le , wres(t)le
u: g(u)ess, g(u)ard, g(u)ilt, g(u)itar, tong(u)e, g(u)est, bisc(u)it , b(u)ild , b(u)ilt , circ(u)it , disg(u)ise

w: ans(w)er, (w)rite, (w)rong, (w)ring, (w)rinkle, (w)rist, (w)retched, (w)restler, s(w)ord, (w)hole,(w)rack , (w)rap , (w)rath , (w)reak , (w)reath , (w)reck

Choose the right answer 

The letter G is silent in the word     
1.       agnostic
2.       gnome
3.       ignition
4.       resignation

2. The letter L is silent in the word     
1.       halves
2.       shelves
3.       valves
4.       wolves

3. The letter W is silent in the word     
1.       swivel
2.       tweezer
3.       whale
4.       wriggle

4. The letter T is silent in the word     
1.       ballet
2.       ballot
3.       billet
4.       bullet

Underline the correct answer
Q1 - Which letter is silent?- Knife
1.       k
2.       f
Q2 - Which letter is silent?- Through
1.       g
2.       h
3.       g + h
Q3 - Which letter is silent?- Plumber
1.       m
2.       b
Q4 - Which letter is silent?- Debt
1.       b
2.       t
Q5 - Which letter is silent?- Night
1.       g
2.       h
3.       g + h
Q6 - Which letter is silent?- Doubt
1.       b
2.       t
3.       b + t
Q6 - Which letter is silent?- Doubt
1.       b
2.       t
3.       b + t

5. The letter P is silent in the word    
1.       conscript
2.       excerpt
3.       intercept
4.       receipt

6. The letter B is silent in the word     
1.       dumbness
2.       humbly
3.       nimbus
4.       stumble

7. The letter S is silent in the word     
1.       aisle
2.       moisten
3.       psychiatry
4.       raspberry

Underline the silent letter
Knuckle, wrestle, dumb, knee, honest, Wrapper, kneel, answer, know, wrapper, Numb, wrong, chemist, wrist, wrinkle, rhyme, wheat, when, crumb

Q7 - Which letter is silent?- Chemistry
1.       c
2.       h
Q8 - Which letter is silent?- Parliament
1.       i
2.       the second a
Q9 - Which letter is silent?- Acquaintance
1.       c
2.       q
Q10 - Which letter is silent?- Psychology
1.       p
2.       s
Q11 - Which letter is silent? - Marriage
1.       i
2.       a
Q12 - Which letter is silent? - Thumb
1.       h
2.       m
3.       b
Q13 - Which letter is silent? - Knee
1.       k
2.       n

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