Thursday, August 24, 2017

THE COW-My pet/Useful animal

THE COW-My pet/Useful animal
The cow is the animal most useful to man.  It gives us milk. We can make butter and cheese from milk.
Chocolates and sweets are also made from milk. Children are fond of milk toffees,
milk sherbet and milk pudding.

We get cow dung from the cows. The cow dung is used to prepare the soil in our garden. Plants grow well if we use cow dung. We can earn a lot of money by selling cow dung. Villagers collect the cow dung and heap it on one place. The heap is called the dung hill. When the cow dies its skin is tanned into leather. Its hoofs are used for making strong pastes and glues. Combs, buttons and knifes handles are made of cow's horns and bones.

Crushed bones and the urine collected from cows are mixed to make fertilizers. The cow dung is dried and used as fuel for cooking. It is also used for making bio-gas. Some people eat the cow's flesh.  Hindus and Buddhist do not eat it. For them the cow is a sacred animal.

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